Top Tips for Keeping Bathrooms Clean and Clutter-Free

A bathroom remodel is the perfect time to win what can feel like a losing battle against clutter and dirt. A little planning at the design stage, followed by basic maintenance, will keep your bathroom as good as new and a perfect place to unwind.

Summer Fun in Doylestown, PA

Plan a day trip to explore beautiful Doylestown, the county seat, and home to splendid castles, fascinating museums, unique shops, and a lot more.  While you are visiting the local sites, get inspired by the styles, local materials, food, crafts, and more.  If you are planning a kitchen design or a bathroom remodel, these local sites in Doylestown, PA will offer the inspiration you need to give your home remodeling plans a local flair.

5 Tips For Remodeling a Dysfunctional Kitchen Design

If your home is older or out of date, you might be struggling with a dysfunctional kitchen. Remodeling a dysfunctional kitchen is a great way to improve your home value and create a space you love to call home! That being said, there are a lot of ways your remodel can go wrong, especially if you’re doing it yourself. Here are 5 tips for remodeling a dysfunctional kitchen design.

Return of Color in Bath Design

Neutrals are always popular in bathroom design, especially for people wishing to rent or sell their houses.  This year, the elegant neutral look is still in vogue, but with an organic infusion, bringing a more relaxed feel. If you are ready to add a touch of color to your bathroom design, greens, blues and warm browns also draw inspiration from the outdoors and are very popular this year, so don’t be afraid to go wild.

Summer Happenings in Yardley, PA

The rain stopped, and the sun has descended upon Yardley. With nice weather here, it’s time to let the fresh air and sunshine fill your home, and to head out to explore your hometown! Yardley offers many opportunities for visitors and locals, alike, to enjoy and discover the outdoors.  While browsing the local shops and crafts you may find yourself inspired to update your kitchen design or bathroom design style or find great fresh food at a local market for your next barbecue.

Managing Small Appliance Storage

Whatever type of cook you are, there will be plenty of small appliances in your kitchen and organizing them effectively depends on how and when you use them. There are plenty of customized options available to clear precious counter space and give your kitchen design a smarter look.  It’s time to look at kitchen ideas to breathe new life into your customized storage for culinary gadgets!

Prepare Your Kitchen Design for Summer

It took a little longer than expected, but it would seem that summer has finally arrived in Bucks County. You may be planning a lot of grilling outside, but your kitchen design is still a big player when it comes to planning a summer get together. Check out the tips below to ready your kitchen design for summer, so you can enjoy more time in the sun doing what you love!

Get Your Bath Design Summer Ready

Open up your house, and your mind, as we show you how the summer season should inspire your bath design.  You’ll soon be ready for visitors and will enjoy relaxing in the tub at the end of a fun-filled day.

Kitchen Designs for People Who LOVE to Cook

To be a good cook, you don’t need a big kitchen. The secret to creating gourmet meals for family and friends is making the best use of what you have, removing clutter and giving you the workspace you need to create effortless feasts. Try these ideas to transform your kitchen design into cooking heaven.

3 Appliance Tips To Help You Through The Winter

As the season gets colder in the Delaware Valley, it is time to pay attention to the appliances in your home. Homeowners take appliances for granted and aren’t cautious enough in avoiding technical issues they might face during the upcoming winter months!

How Stonework Can Easily Revitalize Your Property

Revitalizing your home can be hard to figure out, but a great option to consider is to incorporate stonework throughout the property and inside your home. Learning the benefits of stonework will encourage you to begin your home renovation project right away!

Top 10 Tricks for Laundry Room Design

Laundry rooms needn’t be places of drudgery and disorganization. Most of us go through piles of laundry each week, but a little planning and love can make your laundry room a more efficient, stylish and pleasant place. It might even encourage the family to get involved in laundry day!

Go High Tech with your Kitchen Design!

For the past several decades, the changes in technology have enabled us to lead easier, more organized lives. It was only a matter of time before that modern ease made its way to kitchen designs. Of course, we’ve had microwaves and toaster ovens for half a century, but it’s only recently that kitchen designers have started incorporating charging drawers and stations, app controlled lighting, and fierce sound systems into the kitchen.

Give Your Old Kitchen a New Life with a Kitchen Remodel!

Your kitchen is the most-used room in your home. Between preparing and eating meals, keeping it clean, and countless other tasks you and your family spend a lot of time in there! If your current kitchen is starting to age... Read More

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5 Easy to Grow Herbs Everyone Needs in their Kitchen

Most of us eat herbs every day. However, few of us really know what power a fresh herb adds to your diet. We have grown so accustomed to reaching for bottles of dried herbs from the seasonings aisle at the supermarket, that we don’t even know what fresh herbs actually taste like.

Beyond Stainless Steel Sinks for Kitchen Design

Stainless steel sinks have graced more kitchen designs than we can possibly count. Like white kitchen designs, the stainless sink is a classic look that complements any style and is a durable and practical option.  What about an alternative to stainless if you just want something different for your kitchen remodel?

Why Does a Multi-Space Remodel Make Sense?

If you need to remodel multiple spaces in your home, how do you decide which room to remodel first?  You may have to weigh up which room is in the direst need of a renovation, and how far your budget will stretch to meet the requirements of each room.  If you have multiple adjacent rooms that need work and your budget allows, there are significant benefits to doing a multi-space remodel. 

Bathroom Design Tips 101

Your bathroom remodel is finally complete. Everything is new, shiny, and best of all, the glass doors are still free from soap scum and grime. But that fresh feeling won’t last for long, especially on the shower doors, which are notorious for collecting soap scum. However, with a good strategy at the ready, you can prepare them to repel dirt and stay clean longer! Your bathroom design expert can advise you on the specific care for your new bathroom remodel product, but here are a few ideas to get you started:

What is Your Kitchen Design Color Scheme?

A neutral color scheme is timeless and holds its value whether you plan to stay in your home long-term or sell in the near future.  Does that mean you have to go for an all-white kitchen?  Definitely not!  Neutral does not mean the same thing to everyone, and in fact a neutral palette can span a range of colors.  Likewise, neutral color schemes are not for everyone, so do not be afraid to look at bolder color choices when selecting a palette for your kitchen.

4 Upgrades to Make Your Kitchen More Inviting

The kitchen is naturally the heart of many homes as cooking and enjoying a meal is often a very social activity. A well-designed kitchen is a joy to be in, both in terms of aesthetics as well as purpose. With how much time is often spent in this room, as well as how valuable a beautiful kitchen is when selling a home, it's worth it to make this space really shine.

Are Hardwood Floors Right for Your Kitchen Design?

Hardwood floors are one of the most popular flooring choices for kitchen design and it’s easy to understand why. They add a sense of charm and warmth to your home. Each board is unique, and brings with it a feeling of nature to any space in the home.

Incorporating Electronics into Your Bathroom Design

Technology continues to be a growing force in our lives, and there doesn’t seem to be any chance of stopping it. Over the years, homeowners have taken to decking out their homes with ultramodern appliances and over-the-top home theater systems. It was only a matter of time before technology came to invade the most private of places – the bathroom.

Dysfunctional Kitchen Design? Remove a Wall!

During a kitchen remodel, one of the most important areas you will think about is the floor plan. It influences everything from construction costs to how you spend time with your family. To build a larger kitchen design, where you have room to move and the kids have room to scurry about, consider removing a wall between the kitchen and an adjoining living room or dining room.

Pairing Kitchen Cabinets and Countertops

Matching your kitchen cabinets and countertops can be a tricky task. There are hundreds of possibilities for each, which means thousands of different possible combinations. All of these options may get a bit overwhelming, so we’ve assembled this handy guide... Read More

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Our Top 5 Designs of 2017

The start of a new year brings fresh ideas, New Year’s resolutions, and an excellent opportunity to reflect on the year that has just finished.  In the kitchen and bath design business, we take this opportunity to look back on our home remodeling achievements.  This opportunity to reflect on the past year offers great inspiration for more innovative kitchen remodeling and bathroom renovation projects in the year to come.

Set a Scene with Kitchen Lighting

Like a theatrical production, lighting sets the scene in your home and should be tailored to your requirements.  This is particularly true in a kitchen design, and is even more important during the holiday season when you will be cooking and baking more than normal, while also welcoming guests and hosting parties.

New Year, New Kitchen and Bath Design Trends

Every year, designers announce new trends in fashion, home design, baby names, or almost anything. While fashion trends may only be around for a year or two, these kitchen and bathroom trends will add style, comfort, and value to your home for years to come. Keep them in mind while planning a kitchen or bathroom remodel in 2018.

Tips for Making Sure Your Kitchen is Ready for the Holidays

The holidays are here again! That means fun holiday gatherings and parties with friends and loved ones, and lots and lots of cooking. If you are hosting a holiday gathering or party, your kitchen is going to see a lot... Read More

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Design Tips to Get Your Kitchen Ready for Entertaining

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home, especially if you love to entertain. On a normal day, you cook a delicious meal for your family on the stove, while your kids sit at the island and do their homework.  When the holidays roll around, the kitchen becomes the heart of your home, where friends and family gather to enjoy good food and better company.

Kitchen Storage: Store Items in Plain Sight

We cannot get enough of kitchen storage, in all its many formats and styles.  Storage is the key to a well-organized and efficient kitchen.  It also makes keeping your kitchen clutter free and clean much easier.  While the focus for kitchen design storage options is usually on what is happening behind kitchen cabinet doors, there are also many options for open storage.