LifeCoach: how to tone the upper arms

Our panel of experts answers your questions on everything from how to tone the upper arms to caring for pets during the fireworks season

Why I wish I'd never taken up vaping

As health experts brand e-cigarettes the 'alcopops of the nicotine world', a thirtysomething vaper laments ever taking her first, fateful puff

Matthew Crawt: Tips For Adding 'Curb Appeal' To Your Home

Paint the front door. This is extremely simple as all you need is a tin of paint and a paint brush but it is also extremely effective. Believe it or not, when someone points at a house or even just glances across at a house, more often than not their first sight will be the front door.

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Toby Nwazor: 8 Home Improvement Ideas to Revive the Beauty of Your House

Everybody would make their home the most beautiful home in the world if they could. Unfortunately, people don't always have enough money to remodel their homes every once in a while. They are often delaying the idea of renovating their home for a long time. Sometimes they are just not able to come up with the right idea to remodel their house and so years pass without any improvement.

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Thrillist: Basic Home Improvement Skills Every Adult Should Know

By: Alex Robinson

Credit: Shuttershock

One day you woke up, watched the news, put on a pair of pants, checked your bank account, and paid a bi...

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Bob Weidman: Visualize Resistance

Now that Thanksgiving is over and the holidays are coming up and everyone's back to shopping and posting cute pictures of puppies and kittens on Faceb...

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Paul McKenna: it's all in the mind

Hypnotist Paul McKenna has made millions from helping people beat their vices, but does it really work? Celia Walden goes under his spell to try and conquer her caffeine addiction.

Outdoor gadgets: On the trail of Kit Man

Gadgets that bring home comforts to the great outdoors have given rise to a new breed of outdoor adventurer. But purists are unconvinced.

Interior design: The Schröder House in Utrecht

The Schröder House in Utrecht, Gerrit Rietveld’s architectural equivalent of a Mondrian canvas, seems as futuristic today as when it was built more than 80 years ago.